How Can You Find Information About Dog Breeds?


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Many websites provide information about dog breeds, including AKC.org and DogChannel.com. Both sites provide alphabetical listings of breeds and the ability to search by breed categories.

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AKC.org, the website of the American Kennel Club, also lists breeds by AKC classification. For example, the Herding Group has existed as an official classification since 1983 and includes breeds like the bearded collie, Australian shepherd and Belgian sheepdog. The AKC site also groups breeds according to intelligence and suitability for children, families and people who live in apartments. The site provides the ability to search for puppies by breed within a geographic area. Individual breed profiles include information about temperament, breed origin, physical qualities and popularity, along with complete breed standards available as downloadable files.

DogChannel.com provides the "Dream Dog Selector" to choose a dog breed based on a number of characteristics, including size, energy level, complexity of grooming and temperament. The tool also includes questions about the presence of children or other pets in the house, tolerance for barking, allergies of household members and available time for exercise. DogChannel.com also provides tips relating to each category of information. For instance, it notes that some apartments can provide ample space even for some large breeds, while some smaller dogs require significant outdoor space.

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