How Can You Find Inexpensive Dairy Goats for Sale?


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The least expensive way to purchase dairy goats is to buy weanling does as young as 8 weeks old from a breeder willing to offer a discount on multiple animals. Look for dairy goat breeders on the International Dairy Goat Registry's website. Dairy Goat Journal also has a breeder registry on its website.

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Purchasing weanling dairy goat does in quantity from a breeder is often the least expensive way to acquire dairy goats, but this method requires the buyer to wait about two years before the goats can be milked. Due to the costs of raising the goats during the time, many buyers choose to buy older goats. Check local livestock auctions for inexpensive dairy goats. Occasionally, entire herds are offered for sale.

The amount of milk a dairy goat produces depends on her age and how long she has been lactating. A young dairy goat does not produce as much milk as a more mature goat. Peak milk production in goats occurs between 3 and 6 years old, with spikes in production immediately following each pregnancy. Milk production wanes significantly after 10 years of age. A dairy goat who continues to produce significant amounts of milk in her later years is a good investment, as milk production is genetic and her offspring are likely to share that trait.

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