How Can You Identify Animal Droppings?


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The Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management provides several options to identify droppings, scat and feces. The Mission of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals also publishes track and scat information about possible animals roaming around a residential area.

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The Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management at ICWDM.org provides pictures, a dichotomous key and a selection-based search tool. The selection-based tool helps determine the identity of the animal droppings through a series of question-and-answer options. The tool displays pictures of droppings and their possible origin. There are a limited number of pictures of scat at ICWDM.org, and they may not be accurate enough to identify the animal. The dichotomous key works like the question method and helps identify the origin of the droppings through a series of choices.

The MSPCA-Angell Animal Medical Center website offers an interactive animal finder with a critter ID wizard. Called Intruder Excluder, the search tool narrows down the possible intruding animals by identifying the area of the home affected by the animal. The critter ID wizard provides clues to the identity of the animal, such as pictures of the paws or foot prints and the droppings. The site also offers basic information about the animal as well as preparation when an accidental encounter happens and solutions to keep the animal away from the house.

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