How Can You Find Hungarian Partridges for Sale?


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Hungarian partridges are available for purchase at PurelyPoultry.com and GameBirdFarm.com. PurelyPoultry.com is a supplier of poultry and game birds for backyard owners, meat and egg farmers, and exotic bird enthusiasts. The company offers a variety of partridges for sale.

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PurelyPoultry.com sells partridges such as chukar red leg, flight-ready chukar and Hungarian adult birds, chicks and eggs. Each bird type listed includes a photo, description and price. In addition to birds, Purely Poultry sells supplies such as coops, feeders and incubators and a wide variety of chickens, ducks, pheasants and other exotics.

The company ships its chicks the same day they hatch, so they arrive when they are 24 to 72 hours old. The chicks ingest the egg yolk before they hatch, which sustains them during shipping. Site visitors to PurelyPoultry.com can view a list of shipping charges, read customer testimonials and register for a newsletter.

GameBirdFarm.com offers Hungarian partridge chicks in quantities of 50. The site takes orders for chicks and eggs for wide variety of game birds such as bobwhites, quail and pheasants.

Site visitors to GameBirdFarm.com can access detailed information about Hungarian partridges, including information about their breeding season, clutch size and incubation period. Visitors can also register with the site to receive emails about special offers.

The Hungarian or English partridge is one of two species imported to the United States from Hungary and originally introduced to Washington and California during the 19th century. They range in the northern United States and Canada in flocks of 10 to 15 birds. Hungarian partridges prefer habitats such as agricultural fields and grasslands.

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