How Can Homeless Pets Be Fostered?


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According to Healthy Pets, homeless pets can be fostered through traditional animal shelters or pet rescue organizations. People who are interested in fostering homeless pets can also use online classified ads to find pets whose owners are no longer able to take care of them.

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Those who have decided to share their lives and homes with a furry friend or two should consider fostering or adopting a homeless animal rather than purchasing one from a pet shop or a breeder. Many pet shop puppies come from puppy mills, and the animals are often unhealthy and have genetic defects. Buying these puppies just perpetuates the puppy mill cycle.

Fostering a homeless pet is also a great way to explore whether or not a specific animal is going to fit into your household without making a major commitment. It generally takes at least two weeks to really know if a pet is a good match for a particular situation. In fact, most rescue organizations prefer that people foster an animal prior to adoption as a way of seeing if things are going to work out.

People whose lifestyles don't allow them to have a full-time animal companion sometimes foster homeless pets for short periods of time while forever homes are being found for them. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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