How Can You Find Free Himalayan Kittens?


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The Kittens for Adoption website contains listings of Himalayan kittens that are available for adoption. It allows breeders and cat owners all over the United States to advertise, and users are able to narrow down the listings by state in order to find a local source.

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How Can You Find Free Himalayan Kittens?
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Himalayans are a popular breed of cat due to their beauty and friendly disposition. They have a laid-back nature that make them ideal family pets. However, a person looking to adopt a Himalayan should be aware of the needs of this particular breed. Many Himalayan cats end up in shelters due to their owners being unable to care for them properly. These cats require high-maintenance care and should be adopted only if the owner is able to provide it.

Himalayans have long full coats of hair that need daily brushing to avoid knot formation. Their ears, eyes and tear ducts require regular cleaning in order to prevent infection. Their facial bone structure creates the flattened-face look for which Himalayans are known, but also creates a higher risk of dental problems. Many of them have bad teeth that necessitate regular cleaning and possibly costly dental procedures. Medical problems common to this breed sometimes lead to expensive medical care or surgery.

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