Can Hedgehogs Swim?

can-hedgehogs-swim Credit: American Images Inc/Photodisc/Getty Images

Hedgehogs can swim. They are also able to climb and run up to 6 mph. As household pets, hedgehogs enjoy swimming in bathtubs. Hedgehogs are numerous throughout the United Kingdom, and gardeners welcome their presence as nocturnal predators of harmful pests, such as snails and slugs.

In the wild, hedgehogs eat insects, worms, mice, frogs and snakes. When hunting, hedgehogs grunt, much like pigs, and they forage for food in hedges and undergrowth, hence their name. Hedgehogs' bodies are covered with thousands of long hollow quills, not unlike a porcupine's, but they are not dangerous. Muscles along the underside of their bodies allow hedgehogs to roll into a ball to protect themselves from predators.