What can hamsters eat?


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Hamsters are small rodents that can be kept as pets and will consume a variety of prepared hamster foods, such as hamster pellets, in addition to suitable fruits and vegetables, such as lettuce, carrots or apples. Variety is an important aspect of hamster diets, and those people who feed their little pets prepared pellet food should rotate that with supplemental foods such as seeds and vegetables. Some fruits and vegetables, including rhubarb and grapes, may be poisonous or otherwise harmful to hamsters, so hamster owners should double check before feeding their pets any non-packaged or hamster-specific foods.

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If a hamster owner wishes to feed vegetables, such as carrots to his pet, it may be a good idea for the owner to rinse the carrot thoroughly prior to giving it to the hamster. Pesticides and other contaminants may be harmful to animals as tiny as hamsters. Hamsters do have large appetites, so care should be taken not to overfeed or otherwise harm the animal's health with food. At the same time, the hamster should be provided with ample food to avoid starvation and other associated health issues. Different hamster species may require different amounts of food, so owners should research their specific pets to ensure they get the proper nutrition.

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