Can Goats Be Kept As Pets?


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Many people like to keep goats as pets. The most popular type of goat to keep as a pet is the pygmy, or dwarf, goat. These goats are smaller than traditional goats and may be more conducive to keeping as pets.

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Goats require care and attention like any other pet, and keeping goats at one's home may be against local law, so it's important to do some research before deciding on a pet goat. Goats are best kept as pets in a rural home or farm-type setting, as they require a yard or pasture to graze. People who live in the city should check local ordinances, as some cities classify goats as agricultural species.

Goats generally need to be outdoors, as they are outside animals. Most goats eat several times a day; they eat hay from grazing and grain, and they need a constant supply of fresh water. Pet owners often also provide goats with mineral blocks to ensure they are getting all of their essential elements.

Goats are susceptible to diseases, so it's important to have a veterinarian administer the proper vaccinations and preventive treatments for things such as parasites or worms. Pet goats also need some sort of housing, so this is another issue to consider when choosing a goat for a pet.

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