Where Can You Find a German Shepherd for Sale?


A prospective pet owner can find German Shepherd dogs and puppies for sale by looking at the American Kennel Club German Shepherd classifieds as well as browsing through the animal shelter listings on the Petfinder website. From there, the prospective pet owner will need to contact the breeders or shelters to inquire about the price and additional information about the animals available for sale.

The German Shepherd is often seen working as a detection dog with the police due to its high intelligence and protective tendencies. The AKC classifies it as a member of the Herding Dogs group, and it has a lifespan of approximately 10 to 14 years and often weighs between 75 and 95 pounds. Its appearance is tan with black markings that appear on the back, tail and around the top of the head as well as the majority of its snout.

The German Shepherd is a great dog for people who are interested in a clever and highly trainable partner; however, they may not be good pets for those who are not interested in training. The German Shepherd has to be stimulated on a daily basis or it will become bored, which leads to chewing, digging, barking and other destructive or annoying behaviors. This stimulation needs to be both mental and physical.