Where Can You Find Game Birds for Sale?


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Game birds are available for purchase at Stromberg’sChickens.com and EFowl.com. Stromberg’sChickens.com offers a large selection of game birds that include guineafowl, peafowl, pheasants and quail. This site also features equipment such as game bird incubators, feeders and brooders.

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Site visitors can click on a specific kind of bird to see a photo gallery, description, various examples and the prices of both chicks and adults. Stromberg’s Chickens also offers hatching eggs for each type of game bird. Visitors to Stromberg’sChickens.com can access an online form to request a catalog.

EFowl.com has game birds that include pheasants, chukar and quail. The birds come with a “Live Arrive” guarantee and are subject to a minimum order quantity. EFowl.com also has an exotic pair category that features pairs of male and female juvenile call ducks, mandarin ducks, adult pheasant and mountain quail. Each bird type is listed with a full description that includes information such as weight, length, color, full maturity age and country of origin.

Game birds are sometimes kept as pets or raised for food or exhibition. Of all available game birds, pheasants require the most space, with some species requiring extra care in the winter. Quail are often kept for egg production. Guinea fowl are skilled foragers and are good for insect control and for sounding an alarm when predators are nearby.

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