Where Can You Find Fennec Foxes for Adoption?

can-fennec-foxes-adoption Credit: S.B. Nace/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

Wild fennec foxes can be adopted through several wildlife preservation organizations, including the World Wildlife Foundation and the World Animal Foundation. Pet fennec foxes usually have to be purchased from breeders.

Wild adoptions are more like sponsorships. They generally include information about the species, as well as photographs and information about a specific wild fox. Some may include additional gifts such as plush toys. The adoption fee is used to help protect the species, which CITES considers threatened as of 2015.

Fennec foxes are also sometimes kept as pets, but they are not common and so are not widely available for adoption. Some states have laws against keeping them as pets because they are wild animals. People looking for fennec foxes to adopt can try asking fennec breeders if they know of any foxes in need of a home. They can also try contacting local exotic animal rescues, though most of these groups focus on a particular species such as ferrets. Veterinarians who specialize in exotic animals may be another avenue to use to locate an adoptable fennec fox.

People considering a fennec fox as a pet should carefully consider whether they can provide adequate care. Fennec foxes are highly social, active animals that need a lot of attention and playtime. It can also be difficult to find a veterinarian willing to treat pet fennecs.