Can dogs safely eat ginger?


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Dogs can safely eat ginger in small quantities. Ginger doesn't harm dogs and is used as an ingredient in many dog treats and some types of dog food.

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Ginger contains vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to dogs. It is a recommended ingredient in some homemade dog food recipes, and it is in a number of commercial dog products. Ginger may have benefits for a dog's heart health and as an allergy treatment. Dogs that get carsick can be fed small amounts of ginger before a ride to help ease nausea and reduce the chance of vomiting. Ginger may be fed fresh, as dried powder or as a liquid extract. Baked goods that contain ginger, such as ginger snaps, doesn't hurt a dog if given as a treat.

A large amount of ginger is not likely to cause serious problems with a dog unless it is pregnant, though the dog's digestive system may not tolerate it well. Ginger has a reputation for inducing labor in full-term humans and for causing miscarriage early in pregnancies, so it may also impact canine pregnancies. Repeatedly giving a dog large amounts of ginger may cause heart problems long term. Too much ginger in a feeding may cause upset stomach, vomiting, acid reflux and diarrhea.

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