Can Dogs Have Popcorn?


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Dogs can eat popcorn that has no added butter and is unsalted without any harm or issues. As with most human food, it should be fed to dogs sparingly and in moderation.

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Popcorn on its own is a simple grain, and poses no threat to a dog's overall health. It is the butter, oils and seasonings that are commonly added to popcorn that have the potential to cause harm. Excessive consumption of oils and fats is linked to declining heart health in dogs. It also leads to unhealthy weight gain. It is important to note that even plain, oil-free popcorn can lead to weight gain in dogs if too much is eaten. A few kernels on occasion is the safest amount to avoid any health concerns. Also keep in mind that unpopped kernels are extremely hard. If fed to a dog, kernels can chip or crack teeth.

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