Can Dogs Get Pink Eye?


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Dogs can get pinkeye, the medical term for which is conjunctivitis. One of the most common eye problems to afflict dogs, pinkeye occurs when the conjunctiva, which covers the eyeball and back side of the eyelid, becomes inflamed.

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Symptoms of pinkeye in dogs include a discharge from the eye that may be mucus, greenish-yellow pus or a clear fluid. Inflammation, reddish or crusty eyes, excessive blinking, squinting or keeping the eye closed are also signs of the condition. Pinkeye can be caused by such things as allergies, injury, a foreign object in the eye, congenital problems and tumors. Treatment depends on the cause and may involve removing the foreign body from the eye; washing the eye; administering antibiotics, antihistamines and/or pain medication; or performing surgery.

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