Can Dogs Be Given Pork Bones Safely?


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Dogs can be fed pork bones safely as long as the bones are appropriate for the dog, are fed at the right time and are given with supervision in case something goes wrong. Dogs that have short snouts should not be given pork bones because they cannot chew them properly.

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For these dogs, an edible dog bone or a chew toy is a good substitute. For dental health, clean the brachiocephalic dog's teeth. To find out whether or not a dog is a brachiocephalic, ask a veterinarian to examine the dog's mouth.

For dogs that can eat the pork bones, be sure to choose a bone that has not been broiled, baked or barbecued. The bone can be boiled and should be boiled for dogs that are not used to chewing on raw bones because it can help make the bone easier to chew by softening it.

Bones can be found at meat markets, butcher shops and supermarkets. When the dog is chewing the bone, make sure it is supervised. It is also important to make sure that the dog is only fed a bone after he has just had breakfast or dinner. This is important because otherwise the dog is likely to try to ingest the bone and that can lead to problems, from constipation to a severe obstruction in the gut.

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