Can Dogs Eat Potatoes?


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The ASPCA does not consider potatoes to be harmful for dogs to consume but cautions that the green parts of raw tubers, namely the stems and leaves, contain toxic alkaloids that are harmful in large doses. petMD verifies this, adding that sweet potatoes are ideal snacks, and regular potatoes are fine in moderation but can lead to weight gain.

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petMD does not recommend feeding potatoes raw to dogs instead suggesting that they be baked or steamed before being cut into small pieces and fed in moderation. Chopping them up prevents dogs from choking and binging on carbohydrates. Potatoes can also be mashed up and pureed and fed either separately or mixed into meals. petMD suggests substituting high-calorie packaged treats with fruits and vegetables, including potatoes, to minimize weight gain and promote a healthy immune system.

Modern Dog describes sweet potatoes as a perfect snack for dogs. They are usually sold sliced and dehydrated. They contain fiber and various vitamins. It is not advisable to put butter or other seasonings on either sweet potatoes or regular potatoes, especially salt, which WebMD lists as a food that should never be fed to dogs because is can lead to excessive thirst and urination, which can cause sodium ion poisoning.

When introducing any new foodstuff into their diets, always carefully monitor dogs' health for signs of allergies, food intolerance or gastrointestinal upset, advises petMD.

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