Can Dogs Eat Cooked Rib Bones?

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Rib Bones?


According to Healthy Pets, giving any kind of cooked bone, including cooked rib bones, to dogs is dangerous. This is because the cooking process breaks down the bone and makes them more brittle, which makes the bones more likely to splinter and cause internal injuries in dogs.

Besides tasting good to the dog, cooked bones offer no nutritional value. The bones do not even help dogs clean their teeth because they are too soft and brittle. Some of the side effects of giving cooked rib bones to dogs include mouth injuries, bones getting stuck in the esophagus or stomach, constipation due to bone fragments getting caught in the intestines and rectal bleeding as the dog tries to pass splintered pieces of the bone.

Although cooked bones are bad for dogs, raw bones are a healthy and safe way for owners to give their dog a treat. In fact, dogs have a biological requirement for the nutrients found in bones, including bone marrow. The act of chewing the bone also encourages mental stimulation and is a good workout for a dog's jaw muscle.

Dogs still need to be supervised when eating raw bones of any kind. Also, dogs who have had dental work or crowns need to avoid chewing on bones of any kind.