Can dogs eat baby back rib bones?


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Dogs should not eat baby back rib bones, according to Pet Insurance. Dogs can choke on baby back rib bones, and the bones can also splinter and cause damage to dogs who chew on them. Baby back rib bones can be especially dangerous because the process of barbecuing the ribs makes the bones brittle and more likely to splinter. Bones that are baked or broiled also tend to become brittle.

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When a pork rib bone splinters, a dog can easily swallow the splinter, which can then pierce its digestive tract. If a bone splinter perforates a dog's intestine, emergency major surgery is required. Chicken and turkey bones are especially dangerous for dogs, who can choke on them or get them stuck inside their mouths.

Any bones given to a dog should be larger than the dog's muzzle. This minimizes the risk of the dog swallowing the bone whole. Certain breeds of dogs, known as brachiocephalic breeds, should not be given bones at all, as their jaws are not designed to chew bones safely. Brachiocephalic breeds include pugs, bulldogs, boxers and shih tzu.

For safety, dispose of all bones and food scraps in a trash can with a lid so that no dogs can reach them. Bones should also not be left out on discarded plates or tossed casually on the ground during a party or barbecue.

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