Can Dogs Take Bactrim?

Can I Give My Dog? explains that most dogs can safely take Bactrim when it is prescribed by a veterinarian. Pet owners should never attempt to administer Bactrim to dogs without veterinarian oversight, because they may accidentally cause Bactrim poisoning. Since it may exacerbate liver or kidney disease, Bactrim should not be given to dog breeds that are prone to those conditions.

Can I Give My Dog? indicates that Bactrim doses for dogs depend on the dog's weight, general health and special conditions, such as pregnancy or liver disease. The drug is usually given as a pill and can be mixed in with dog food. Veterinarian-prescribed Bactrim is safe for most dogs, but some pets may experience allergic reactions. Can I Give My Dog? advises pet owners to contact a veterinarian if they notice facial swelling or breathing problems. Dogs should drink extra water if they experience an allergic reaction.

Can I Give My Dog? warns that a Bactrim overdose can be extremely dangerous. Signs of an overdose include vomiting, diarrhea and loss of appetite. A dog may experience internal bleeding, leading to blood in the dog's urine or feces. Pet owners who notice yellowing of the eyes should contact a vet immediately. Yellow eyes are a sign of liver damage, which is a dangerous and potentially fatal condition.