Where Can I Find a Doggie Wheelchair?

can-doggie-wheelchair Credit: jimnista/CC-BY-2.0

HandicappedPets sells Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchairs, while K9 Carts sells its own brand of dog wheelchairs, the K9 Cart. K9 Carts also offers refurbished dog wheelchairs, and other second-hand dog wheelchairs can be purchased off listings published by Used Dog Wheelchairs.

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchairs come in three sizes, mini, medium and large, and they also come in a four-wheeled form for dogs that need both hind- and front-end support. Walkin' Wheels wheelchairs are adjustable to fit any size and shape of dog. K9 Carts are custom-built for each dog, but they are adjustable to fit similarly sized dogs. K9 carts offer hind-end only or hind-end and front-end-support designs.