Where Can Your Dog Get Free Shots?


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Many animal shelters and rescue groups offer low-cost or free vaccinations, as noted by Money Talks News. Dog owners can find these services through national organizations that work with shelters, such as Petfinder.com or the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

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The free vaccinations available may vary depending on location, as well as the age of the dog and other factors. For example, free rabies vaccinations may be available to dogs of all ages, but vaccines for other diseases may only be available to dogs under 6 months of age, as provided by Austin Animal Shelter. The City of San Antonio Animal Care Services offers all necessary vaccines, but charges a small fee.

There are various private charities that may be able to assist owners with paying for vaccinations, but the availability depends on factors including the dog's location, breed and the owner's financial needs, according to a list maintained by the Humane Society of the United States. Some veterinarians may also be willing to trade their services for labor from the pet owner.

Veterinary schools may also be a good source of low-cost treatment, according to Money Talks News. Students perform the procedures as part of their training, but they are overseen by experienced and licensed veterinarians. Veterinarians with private practices may also offer occasional promotions that can help reduce the cost.

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