How Can You Determine the Health of Pug Puppies Before Purchase?


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Before completing the purchase or adoption of a pug puppy, you should have a licensed veterinarian evaluate the health of the puppy. A reputable breeder or adoption organization should be willing to include provisions in the adoption contract that allows the new puppy to be evaluated by a veterinarian within a reasonable period of time during the adoption process.

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As a breed, pugs have a number of common health concerns, many of which are related to the flat or "squished" nature of the dog's face. Pugs frequently have health issues associated with breathing, such as an elongated soft palate, stenotic nares, a collapsed trachea or Brachyecephalic Obstructive Airways Syndrome. With large, protruding eyes, pugs are prone to eye problems including scratches, infections and dry eyes. Skin conditions are common in pugs, and can be the result of either allergies or infections due to dirt and moisture, which can get trapped under the wrinkles of the dog's skin. Pugs are also vulnerable to mobility issues, such as hip dysplasia or a luxating patella, which are unlikely to be detectable until the dog is older.

While some health conditions are evident through symptoms that potential owners may detect, such as a puppy that is noticeably struggling to breathe normally or has unusual discharge from its eyes, nose, ears and mouth, the best way to evaluate the health of a pug puppy is through the diagnosis of a licensed veterinarian.

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