How Can You Deter Snakes?

There are a number of natural steps that can be taken to repel snakes without the use of toxic poisons. One method is to make an area less appealing to them by clearing away piles of leaves, tall grasses and debris.

Avoid the use of damp ground mulches and remove wood piles that are close to a home’s exterior. Eliminate pools of standing water that are attractive to snakes. Large stones used in a landscape provide a good hiding spot for snakes and should be replaced with smaller rocks or pebbles. Trim shrubs and trees to create a space at least 6 inches from the ground to the branches to help eliminate places where snakes can hide.

Snakes are encouraged to overwinter in warmer spots and cracks near or in a foundation wall during the colder months. They are able to fit into cracks as small as 1/2 inch wide. Patch any existing cracks or holes in exterior walls. Fill the cracks during the summer months using an expandable caulking material.

Snakes often make their homes in garages or basements if food sources such as mice are available. Eliminating rodents and their nesting sites helps to deter snakes that are hunting for prey. Use metal garbage cans with tight-fitting lids to store bird seed or dry dog food that can attract rodents. Locate bird feeders further away for a home’s exterior.

Snake-proof fencing with hardware cloth or aluminum flashing that has been added to the bottom and buried 2 to 4 inches deep can prevent snakes from burrowing in.