How Can You Cut Your Dog's Hair Yourself?

How Can You Cut Your Dog's Hair Yourself?

In order to cut a dog's hair at home, promote relaxation, brush through the dog's coat, bathe the dog and clip the dog's nails. It is not necessary to dry the dog with a blow dryer.

Have everything necessary handy before cutting a dog's hair alone.

  1. Promote relaxation
  2. At the beginning of bath time, try to relax the dog by first exercising the pooch. A tired dog is easier to bathe. Also keep the sessions short so that the dog can get used to grooming over time.

  3. Brush out the dog's coat
  4. Before bathing, brush the dog's coat. Even if the dog has a short coat, brushing it through helps to get rid of dirt, dead skin and loose hair. Rubber brushes and bristles brushes are best for short coats that are smooth and long-haired matting coats work best with slicker brushes, bristle brushes and combs.

  5. Bathe the dog
  6. Dogs should be bathed approximately every 3 months and more often if they have spend time outside rolling around in grass or mud. To bathe, the dog should be given a gentle shampoo that is massaged into the body, top of the head and the tail. Then, the dog should be rinsed off and a conditioner can be applied if desired but is not needed. It is important to make sure that the dog's eyes, ears and nose are avoided.

  7. Clip the dog's nails
  8. This should always be the last step because most dogs do not like to have anyone touch their feet. If this is done at the beginning of the bath time, then the dog may feel too stressed. To cut the nails, spread the dog's feed and use a nail clipper to cut the nail. Do not cut the quick, which will bleed.