How Can You Cure Diarrhea in Dogs?

An owner can cure and treat a dog's diarrhea by keeping the dog away from food for up to 24 hours and giving it access to plenty of fresh, clean water, according to PetMD. If the diarrhea is accompanied by vomiting, the dog should only be given ice cubes to lick.

After the requisite 12 to 24 hours without food, an owner can feed the dog a simple meal of white rice and cooked chicken, PetMD advises. The dog needs to eat this until all danger of diarrhea has passed and its bowel movements are normal. If the dog is vomiting as well, wait a couple hours after the last purge and feed it a little chicken. The owner should wait a couple of hours to feed the dog some more if it has not vomited again.

If the dog is feverish and has dark, bloody spools, gets diarrhea and has a decreased appetite, it needs to be taken to veterinarian, WebMD says. Although dogs occasionally get diarrhea, sometimes it is caused by more serious issues such as kidney or liver disease, bowel disease or cancer. A dog owner can prevent diarrhea by feeding the dog a consistent diet, not feeding it table scraps and keeping small objects away that the dog can swallow.

To prevent further episodes of diarrhea, stay up to date with a dog's vaccinations and avoid contact with stray dogs as much as possible, Canine Journal recommends. Choose one dog food and stick to it to discourage gastrointestinal distress as a result of unfamiliar ingredients.