How Can You Cure Bad Breath in a Dog?

How Can You Cure Bad Breath in a Dog?

Although there are multiple causes of bad breath in dogs, the most common cause is dental or gum disease. To cure bad breath from dental or gum disease, brush the dog's teeth, feed him a balanced diet, and give him treats and toys that fight bad breath.

  1. Brush your dog's teeth daily

    Brush your dog's teeth with a toothpaste specifically formulated for dogs. The upper teeth typically have the most plague build up and require special attention. Brush his tongue, and floss his teeth if he lets you. Give him breath sprays and mouthwashes. Dogs with too much plaque build up may require a professional teeth cleaning.

  2. Feed your dog healthy foods

    Feed your dog food that is easily digested. Foods with vegetable nutrients and rice are good choices. Avoid feeding him meat because it causes bad breath. Set specific meal times for him instead of leaving food out, because eating throughout the day increases the bacteria in his mouth.

  3. Give your dog chew toys and healthy treats

    Rawhide bones reduce plague. Dental treats are designed to cure bad breath. Chewing helps clean a dog's teeth. Hard rubber chew toys and rope toys are both beneficial. Put toothpaste on or inside a rubber chew toy to clean your dog's teeth and get him used to toothpaste.