How Can You Convince Your Parents to Get a Dog?

How Can You Convince Your Parents to Get a Dog?

In order to convince your parents to get a dog, formulate an argument that includes the health benefits of having a dog, how a dog improves your social life and what valuable life lessons a dog can teach a child. In 2012, the Humane Society stated that 47 percent of all households in the United States owned dogs.

  1. Explain the health benefits

    Tell your parents about the health benefits of owning a dog. For instance, WebMD notes that infants who reside in a household with pets lessen their chances of acquiring allergies and asthma. Dogs are also good for physical exercise, as they need to be walked each day, and owning a dog can lower blood pressure and decrease symptoms of depression.

  2. Explain how dogs benefit social lives

    People see dogs as a way to begin a conversation. When you walk a dog, people often ask if they can pet the dog or ask what type of breed the dog is. This can be a great way for a child to make friends.

  3. Talk about life lessons

    Dogs teach children life lessons that include how to be unselfish, how to let go and how to live in the present. Dogs never harbor resentment or dwell on past experiences; they quickly forgive and move forward.