How Can You Control Black Beard Algae in My Fish Tank?

How Can You Control Black Beard Algae in My Fish Tank?

Treating black beard algae can be done by removing as much algae as possible from the tank and then adjusting the CO2 levels. After CO2 adjustment, adding a Siamese algae fish helps to keep the algae under control.

  1. Remove algae

    Remove as much of the algae as possible by scrubbing and cutting.

  2. Adjust levels of carbon dioxide (CO2)

    In a high-light tank, increase the CO2 level slowly to 30 parts per million. Watch the fish to ensure they are not respiring heavily. Look for good water flow around the whole tank and that good surface movement is occurring. In a low-light tank with no CO2 injection, avoid changing the water. When you change the water using tap water, the CO2 dissolved in the tap water causes a fluctuation of the tank's CO2 levels. This causes the algae to grow faster.

  3. Add an algae eater

    Add a Siamese algae eater fish to the tank to assist in the control of the black beard algae. This is a hardy fish that is easy to feed. It eats the algae and other food items such as flake food, pellets and live food. It works diligently to remove the algae without harming the plant.