Can Coccidia Cause Infection in Dogs?


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Coccidia causes an infection known as coccidiosis, states the VCA Animal Hospital. It is an infection that occurs in the intestines of dogs and usually does not show any clinical signs.

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However, some dogs with coccidiosis due to coccidia will have diarrhea symptoms along with vomiting and dehydration. These symptoms are most common amongst puppies, reports PetMD. To diagnose coccidiosis, a veterinarian will look at a stool sample and in some cases a blood test, notes VCA Animal Hospital. In order to treat a dog with coccidiosis, the veterinarian will provide an antibiotic that will need to be administered for 10 to 14 days. The antibiotic will be a sulfa-type drug. Veterinarians will also ask homeowners to disinfect their home surfaces with diluted chlorine bleach.

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