Where can you find Clumber Spaniel breeders?


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The Clumber Spaniel Club of America (CSCA) offers a list of reputable breeders located throughout the United States. They also publish an illustrated guide that explains the standards of the breed.

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Where can you find Clumber Spaniel breeders?
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The Clumber spaniel is a large dog that is sweet and intelligent. It carries himself with a dignified air, but is also a bit clumsy in its walk. Clumber spaniels are also very affectionate dogs and love to be with their owners at all times. These dogs live for about 12 years and weigh between 55 and 85 lbs. with males tending to weigh more than females. The dogs have white coats with light tan markings around their ears, on their tail and sometimes around their face or the top of their head.

When looking for a Clumber Spaniel breeder, it is important to do research. Even though the CSCA has compiled a list of reputable breeders, you should still interview each one you are considering, since it is important to adopt a puppy from a breeder that you trust. The CSCA list of reputable breeders is updated every quarter, so new breeders are listed on a regular basis.

Puppies are generally sold when they are around 12 weeks old. Prices vary depending on which region you are in, with prices higher on the coasts and big cities. There is no price difference if the puppies have brown, orange or lemon markings. The CSCA encourages you to discuss price with your breeder and understand that this initial cost is only part of a larger investment.

The Clumber Spaniel is one of the first nine breeds to be accepted by the American Kennel Club. According to the AKC, the Climber Spaniel is a sporting breed with a playful personality. The breed has been recognised since 1884.

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