Can Chicken Mites Bite Humans?

Chicken mites bite humans, and the bites result in itchy lesions or dermatitis, according to PubMed Central. While medical treatment assists in relieving the symptoms, affected individuals should tackle the mite issue to avoid a recurring condition.

Chicken mites, also known as Dermanyssus gallinae, are present in both rural and urban areas, and they feed on birds other than chickens as well as rodents and other animals. Chicken mites do not live on their hosts, which makes them more difficult to detect. They are nocturnal creatures that reside in dark crevices during the day and become active at night to suck on the blood of their hosts. Chicken mites leave fecal matter and castoff skins behind. These appear as black-and-white droppings, which may help in identifying the presence of chicken mites.