How Can You Check for Bed Bugs?

How Can You Check for Bed Bugs?

Check for bed bugs by using a magnifying glass to look for the bugs, excrement, blood stains or eggs on your sheets, pillows, mattress, baseboards and furniture. Use an old credit card to scrape inside crevices to look for signs of an infestation.

  1. Use a magnifying glass and a flashlight to inspect your bed

    Bedbugs are small, rust-colored insects about the size of a poppy or apple seed. They feed on blood, and they leave blood stains when crushed. Also look for tiny eggshells or pale, yellowish skins that young bedbugs have shed.

  2. Check the carpeting under and around the bed

    Use an old credit card to scrape into the fibers of any carpeting around your bed to look for bugs, excrement or old blood. The magnifying glass and flashlight make your search much easier.

  3. Expand your search outward to furniture and walls

    Pay particular attention to anything with a cushion, and also check any crevices in your furniture. Once you get to the walls, do a thorough check of the baseboards, as bedbugs sometimes live in the small gaps between the baseboards and the wall. Bedbugs also sometimes congregate behind loose wallpaper.

  4. Visually inspect your wall outlets

    Use the flashlight to check inside your wall outlets for bugs or any signs of infestation.