What Can Cats Eat Other Than Cat Food?


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Cats may consume several types of human food in addition to cat food, such as whole grains and vegetables. Cats are generally carnivorous, meaning they primarily eat meats, although some show enthusiasm for non-meat foods, too. Owners should cook foods first, particularly grains, to ensure the cat can easily digest the meal, state experts at WebMD.

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Sometimes, cat owners decide to provide cats with food other than traditional canned cat food to make their diets healthier or help cats follow certain diets, such as vegan or vegetarian. For many cat owners, grains are ideal additions to cat diets. However, cats can be picky about these foods; they prefer smaller whole grains, such as millet and couscous, over larger grains, note experts at WebMD. Cats also enjoy corn, polenta and ground cornmeal.

Although some cats are strictly meat eaters, others show a craving for vegetables by nibbling on houseplants. Owners should remove those plants from cats' reach and provide cooked vegetables, which eliminates the risk of poisoning. Broccoli, carrots, squash, greens and green beans make good alternatives.

Humans may be eager to give their cats "people food," but should avoid some foods altogether. Alcohol, chocolate and caffeine may pose health risks to cats. Eggs, fish and dairy products may upset the cats' digestive systems, as can excess amounts of onion and garlic. Lastly, cat owners should avoid giving cats food with xylitol, an artificial sweetener.

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