What Can You Do When Your Cat Has a Cold?


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When a cat has a cold or an upper respiratory infection, a few actions need to be taken immediately to begin treatment. Like humans with influenza, cats need to be given plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration. Make sure the feline gets plenty of fresh drinking water.

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Cats with this type of infection tend to have a discharge seeping from the eyes and the nose. This discharge can be mucus-filled, watery or bloody. It is important that the discharge is removed from these areas and the eyes and nose kept clean using a warm, moistened cotton ball.

Since ill cats may experience loss of appetite, warm canned food is the best choice for meals. If the cat is dehydrated and does not eat, the animal may be hospitalized.

Most colds start out as viral infections but can turn into bacterial infections. After immediate care steps have been taken, the animal should be taken to a veterinarian's office to be tested and treated. According to petMD, if a kitten begins showing any signs or symptoms of a cold, the kitten should be taken to a veterinarian before attempting any at home treatment. Veterinarians may prescribe antibiotics to help clear up the infection.

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