Where Can the Canadian Lynx Be Found?


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Wild Canadian lynx can be found throughout North America, especially in heavily forested northern regions, such as western Montana, Washington, Alaska and Canada. The Canadian lynx can also be found in several American zoos, such as the Philadelphia Zoo in Pennsylvania and the Minnesota Zoo.

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The Canadian lynx once had a broad range across the forests of North America. As of 2015, they still retain most of their historical range in Canada, but their presence in the United States has become severely curtailed. The state with the largest number of Canadian lynx is Alaska. In the lower 48 states, they are chiefly found in Montana, Washington, Minnesota, northern Maine and New Hampshire, Colorado, Idaho and the greater Yellowstone region.

Several American zoos hold Canadian lynx for public viewing. As of 2015, the Philadelphia Zoo contains two Canadian lynx, Odr and Freya. Odr was born in 2012 at the Minnesota Zoo, which also has lynx on display. The Minnesota Zoo notes that the state once had the most lynx in the Great Lakes region. As of 2010, Minnesota is one of only four states known to have a breeding population of Canadian lynx.

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