How Can You Calm Down a Cat in Heat?


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Most cats become particularly affectionate during their heat cycles, so giving your cat extra attention may help soothe her, according to VetInfo. Catnip can also calm some cats down, but it can make some cats react aggressively; only give it if you know how your cat reacts to it when she is not in heat.

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Hormone inhibitors can also help calm a cat that is in heat, explains VetInfo. While these supplements are available in some pet stores, they are potentially dangerous. Always consult your veterinarian before giving your cat hormone supplements.

Cats have seasonal polyestrus, which means that they cycle in and out of heat throughout the breeding season unless they become pregnant. Each heat can last up to a week, notes VCA Animal Hospitals. The cat may then be out of heat for a week or two before starting again. In some cats, the cycle may be short enough that they always seem to be in heat, reports Catster.

Symptoms of feline heat include behavioral changes such as rubbing on people, rolling on the floor and vocalizing loudly, according to VCA Animal Hospitals. The cat may urinate to attract males, and there may be bleeding or discharge from her vagina. Having a cat spayed prevents accidental pregnancies and the difficulty of managing the heat cycle.

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