Where Can You Buy a Toyger Cat?

Toyger kittens are available for purchase at Toyger-Cat.com. This website features pedigree toyger kittens in three categories: pet, breeder and show quality. Show quality kittens display the breed standards and have bright colors, small ears and thick, rope-like tails.

Breeder quality kittens may have markings that are not suitable for competition in a show ring, while pet quality kittens may have too many stripes or a lack of dark contrast. Prices for kittens depend on the category, with show kittens commanding the highest price. Kittens are sold with two vaccinations, TICA registration papers, microchipping and a one-year health warranty.

Toyger cats are a domestic breed that began in the 1980s. The toyger cat was bred from shorthaired tabbies in an effort to make them look like small tigers. The breed’s creator, Judy Sugden, wanted to raise awareness and inspiration about tiger conservation.