Where Can You Buy Teacup Mini Dachshunds?

can-buy-teacup-mini-dachshunds Credit: Yagi Studio/DigitalVision/Getty Images

Teacup mini dachshunds are available for purchase online at NextDayPets.com. This website features mini dachshund breeders throughout the United States. Visitors are asked to create a puppy match profile and are matched to five appropriate breeders that fit their lifestyle information.

The site hosts a photo bank of available puppies with a description, availability date, price, breeder and shipping information, and a contact email.

Due to their tiny size, teacup mini dachshunds fare best in homes with older children, according to Next Day Pets. They are alert, intelligent and devoted and may often be wary of strangers. With short legs and long bodies, they require sufficient exercise to prevent them from becoming overweight.