Where Can You Buy a Sulcata Tortoise?


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African sulcata tortoises are available for sale in pet stores and from breeders who specialize in reptilian pets. Sulcata tortoises are also sold online on websites such as BackwaterReptiles.com and TheTurtleSource.com. BackwateReptiles.com sells captive-bred sulcata tortoises, and ships and delivers them overnight to the buyer's doorstep.

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TheTurtleSource.com sells hatchlings, in addition to adult and juvenile tortoises. Males are priced lower than females, and the website ships by airline only. Each of their tortoise orders comes with a free starter sample of the same diet that the tortoise has been raised on.

Before purchasing a pet sulcata tortoise, perform a background check on the sellers, and read the reviews. Buy from reputable sellers and breeders who comply with USDA requirements.

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