Where Can You Buy Silver Lab Puppies?


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Silver Labradors can be purchased through sites such as Silver Mist Labradors, Silver Star Kennel, and Silver and Charcoal Kennels. Other Internet sites yield results for breeders and kennels in a particular area, and local classified listings can feature silver lab puppies for sale, adoption or rescue.

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Where Can You Buy Silver Lab Puppies?
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Silver Labradors are a controversial breed because many people believe that they are not purebred members of the Labrador Retriever breed. It is rumored that the Labrador was bred with Weimaraner in order to create the silver color. However, the reality is that the silver comes from a recessive gene that is passed down from purebred Labrador parents, which means that a silver lab puppy's parents may not necessarily be silver in color themselves.

Silver Labradors possess the same temperament and general characteristics of other Labrador Retrievers. They are well-behaved, friendly and wonderful with children. They make quality family pets and are very loyal to their owners. Labrador retrievers are often trained as therapy or seeing-eye dogs. Because they are easy to train and friendly, they are a wonderful asset to the helping professions.

Labrador retrievers make great bird-hunting dogs and were first used for this purpose in England to hunt water fowl. Duck hunters often own Labrador retrievers.

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