Where Can You Buy Silkie Chickens?


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Silkie chickens are available from private breeders or a variety of websites such as Murray McMurray Hatchery, My Pet Chicken and eFowl. All three are reputable suppliers that ship to areas throughout the United States. Availability may vary depending on the season and weather conditions.

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Though it is controversial, shipping day-old chicks is usually safe. Chicks rely on their yolk sack to keep them fed for the first two or three days. Most chicks are shipped within a day of hatching and arrive at their new home within two days. Many suppliers put extra chicks, sometimes called "live packing peanuts," for added warmth. Most of these extra chicks are unsold males. My Pet Chicken, however, only ships the exact number ordered. Most suppliers do not breed or ship during winter or during extreme heat.

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