Where Can You Buy Scottish Fold Kittens?


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Potential Scottish Fold kitten owners can purchase kittens from breeders, including breeders listed on ScottishFoldLove.com. Reputable breeders who are members of the Cat Fancier's Association or the International Cat Association include Purrfectfold in Plainview, Arkansas; Kitilicious in Phoenix, Arizona; and Celtic Folds Cattery in Opelousas, Louisiana.

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Homozygous Scottish Fold kittens have two copies of the "folded" gene that gives the breed its unique ears. These kittens initially appear healthy but suffer from bone deformities and die or must be euthanized before 5 years of age. Reputable breeders do not breed two cats with folded genes and include health guarantees with their kittens.

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