Where Can You Buy Rabbits?


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Rabbits are available for sale by individual breeders and for adoption at many animal shelters and rabbit rescues. Adopters can locate available rabbits by contacting shelters directly or searching for listings on Petfinder. Rabbits are also sometimes offered for sale in pet stores, but these should be treated with caution.

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Rabbits sold in pet stores may not have adequate care during their time at the store, making them susceptible to illness. Pet store rabbits also often come from large-scale breeders who do not treat their animals well.

Animal shelters and rescues are a good choice for people who just want a pet. The rabbits available for adoption have been examined by a veterinarian to make sure they are healthy and handled by volunteers and staff to check their temperaments. Adoptable rabbits are also spayed or neutered, which prevents territorial marking and saves the adopter money. The rabbits also usually come already litterbox trained.

People who have a specific breed or purpose in mind may want to find an ethical breeder, one who is experienced and involved in a breeding organization. The breeder should be personally involved in the sale rather than selling through a third party. Veterinarians and breed clubs are good sources for breeder recommendations.

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