Where Can I Buy a Pet Bobcat?

A pet bobcat can be bought from an exotic cat breeder or an animal pet auction. The price for a bobcat ranges from $900 to $1,500. Anyone who wants to get a bobcat as a pet should first check the state laws or city ordinances to ensure that the state issues permits for keeping exotic or potentially dangerous animals for hobby or pet purposes.

Aside from obtaining state permits, homeowners associations should be consulted to ensure that keeping a pet bobcat is allowable within the residential area. Bobcats have a very strong fight or flight and, depending on how they're raised, may react aggressively towards strangers or people they are not used to seeing inside their territory. They also have very sharp claws and teeth, and it is not advisable to keep a bobcat around children who are not old enough to show sound judgment.

Bobcats are very energetic and tend to climb or jump on cabinets and kitchen counters, race across furniture or play in the bathroom. They are not a suitable pet for everybody, but with the right owner and if raised in a proper environment, they can grow up into affectionate pets that can provide joy and wonder to they're rightful owners for years to come, according to the N.O.A.H. Feline Conservation Center. They also respond well with animals raised together with them.