Where Can You Buy Peafowl?


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Peafowl are available at Legg's Peafowl Farm and Purely Poultry. Legg's Peafowl Farm is located near Kansas City, Missouri. The farm sells peafowl in a wide variety of colors that include blue, white, peach, opal, purple and taupe as of 2015.

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Site visitors to LeggsPeafowl.com can access a list of adult peafowl for sale with color and price. Prices range from $170 for an Indian blue hen to $2,500 for a peach silver pied. The site also hosts a comprehensive photo gallery of each bird type. Additionally, LeggsPeafowl.com features information about raising peafowl from chicks, building pens and caring for peafowl eggs.

Purely Poultry is a family-owned business based in Fremont, Wisconsin. It features a diverse selection of birds, books and supplies. Site visitors to PurelyPoultry.com can access a photo gallery of available peafowl that includes birds in colors such as cameo, peach, midnight, jade and India blue. The site also offers hatchery choice peachicks. Purely Poultry features free shipping.

Peafowl are a hardy species that originated in Asia. They are more affectionate than other poultry breeds and make good pets. Peafowl require a lot of roaming space where they can actively hunt termites, crickets, ants and millipedes.

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