Where Can I Buy a Mynah Bird?

Stefan Karpiniec/CC-BY-2.0

Mynah birds can be purchased from local domestic breeders, or adopted from local animal shelters. This breed used to be imported from the wilds of Africa, Asia and Latin America. However, excessive trade and habitat destruction led Congress to ban the import of mynah and other birds in 1992, passing the Wild Bird Conservation Act.

Mynahs are a popular breed of bird because of their lively personalities and ability to mimic speech. Like parrots, they can be trained to repeat words and phrases. They can also be taught to mimic sounds, such as sirens.

There are several sub-breeds of this popular bird, including the Greater Indian Hill, the Java Hill and the Lesser Hill mynah. The Great Indian Hill mynah is the most coveted breed because of its ability to mimic a wide range of sounds. The Java Hill mynah is popular because of its ability to mimic deeper voices, and it’s more proficient than other breeds at mimicking human speech.

Mynahs can be taken home once they reach six weeks of age. Healthy mynahs have full plumes of feathers, bright eyes, unobstructed nasal passages and clean feathers around their vents. Mynahs’ long life spans make owning one a long-term, and perhaps lifelong, commitment.