Where Can You Buy Miniature Pigs?


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Miniature pigs, also known as teacup pigs, can be bought from breeders, such as Royal Dandie. Prospective buyers must search for breeders online or through local classified ads from associations such as the Southern California Association for Miniature Potbellied Pigs.

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Where Can You Buy Miniature Pigs?
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However, it is important to note that even miniature pigs grow up and while many people assume that the teacup pig will stay as small as a teacup, it will not. These small pigs are much smaller than farm pigs, but they will grow up to be around 100 to 200 pounds once they are full grown. Many people are not aware of this when they purchase their pet pig, which sadly leads to many miniature potbellied pigs being abandoned each year.

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