Where Can I Buy Goldfish Online?

Goldfish are available for purchase from many different online sources. For example, Buy Goldfish Online sells a variety of fancy goldfish and ships next day air. Other online sources of goldfish include Live Aquaria, Live Fish Direct, Rain Garden Goldfish and The Carp Company, which delivers in the United Kingdom only.

When buying live goldfish the actual health, color and quality of the merchandise cannot be assessed by the buyer before paying. Some merchants offer pictures of the actual fish they sell, but most only provide stock photos of the type of fish. Therefore, selecting an online merchant must be done with care.

Rain Garden Goldfish offers videos and photos of the actual fish being purchased, but shipping costs can be steep because this company ships from Hawaii by Federal Express.

Live Fish Direct specializes in tropical fish and sometimes has goldfish available for sale online. This company has free shipping if a set minimum amount of money is spent purchasing fish. This is a good deal because the cost of shipping live fish often exceeds the purchase price.

Live Aquaria sells 11 different types of fancy goldfish online. It offers a guarantee that the fish are going to arrive alive and remain alive for 14 days. If not, a full refund is issued to the customer.