Where Can I Buy a Chipmunk?

As of 2014, Chirpie Chipmunkz Monkery sells chipmunks to homes in the United Kingdom and Europe. Chiptastic sometimes has Siberian chipmunks for sale, but they must be picked up in New York. Hilltop Exotics will special order Siberian chipmunks for interested customers, but they must be picked up in Connecticut.

Chiptastic states that Siberian chipmunks can sometimes be found for sale in pet stores. The Right Pet has a directory of Siberian chipmunk breeders that can be searched by location, but it has very few breeders listed as of 2014.

The chipmunks kept as pets are not captive wild chipmunks. They are Siberian chipmunks that have been kept and bred as pets for many generations.